Thursday, July 28, 2005


As she speaks with great emotion and restraint, she seems
to be talking directly to him.

I had... an experience. I can't
prove it. I can't even explain it.
All I can tell you is that
everything I know as a human being,
everything I am -- tells me that it
was real.

The room grows quiet.

I was given something wonderful.
Something that changed me. A vision
of the universe that made it
overwhelmingly clear just how tiny
and insignificant -- and at the same
time how rare and precious we all
are. A vision... that tells us we
belong to something greater than
ourselves... that we're not -- that
none of us -- is alone.


Moved beyond words.


looks lovingly at Palmer... then shifts her gaze to
Michael Kitz. Softly:

I wish I could share it. I wish
everyone, if only for a moment --
could feel that sense of awe, and
humility... and hope. That
continues to be my wish.

The emotion in her voice compels the room to silence.

Source: movie script


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