Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Main principles of Buddhism
1. "Impermanence"

You can't just say "Stop the world, I want to get off now!"
You know it won't stop for you. You have to stop struggling from within.
Accomodate the impermanence.

Impermanence is not a bad thing either.
You just have to be aware of it.
Or else how will a child grow and how will wheat becomes bread?

It is just how things are. Start with the right view.

2. "Interdependence or Dependent co-origination (paticca-samuppada)"
download audio instruction from Liberation Park here (46.01 Min, 6.58Mb)

When you suffer, ask "On what does this depends?"
Don't look for just one cause either. Causality is more complex. It as layers
and in this perspective, you need to look deeply into those layers.
Buddhism give you frameworks for this investigation.
- Santikaro

3. "See for yourself if it's true"
The Buddha's sermont to the people of Kalama village:
"Don't believe anything anyone tells you - even if the are a friend or a teacher or even if they are the buddha. Do the practice and see for yourself if it's true."


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