Monday, July 18, 2005

This is one of the best attempts discussing what Love is

"The word 'love' in English has many meanings. These include a simple liking for something ('I love chocolate'), sex, romance, an expansive and universal goodwill, or even a transcendental feeling of unity. It can even mean 'nothing' (zero score in whist or tennis) - from the phrase 'play for love', meaning you don't care if you have scored or not (Michael Quinion gives this as the derivation of 'love' meaning zero, rather than the often-quoted French l'oeuf - egg). "

"-- Whatever Love (with an upper case 'L') is, it is not a philosophy, or set of beliefs, that I somehow have to psych myself up into accepting; nor is it a way of acting towads others that I can pretend, or force myself to do. I cannot 'do' Love; I can only experience it."


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