Monday, July 25, 2005

"We don't need to run away to any others place; we need only look at and investigate this point.
This is the way the mind is. When we dislike something, that object of dislike isn't affected; it remains as it is. When we like something, it isn't affected by our liking, but remains just as it is.

For example, you might have a vase (or any possession you cling to so dearly).
You feel that it's something nice, but from its own side it exists indifferently.
It doesn't have anything to say. It is only you who have the feelings about it,
you who live and die for it. If you dislike or hate it, it won't be affected.

That's your affair.

It is indifferent, but you have these feelings of like or dislike and then get attached to them. Either like or dislike troubles our hearts. We are only making ourselves insane.

You think somethings are good, you see other things as great,
but you are projecting these ideas from yourself.
If you are aware of yourself, you will realise that all these things are equal."

-Ajahn Chah


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