Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Learning Religion

They wonder what it means to "learn Religion,"
Uncertain what to study or how.
Dhamma classes and Pali language aren't enough,
Graduate to meditation & vipassana.

Learn & learn, all you get is "learning."
Some get sick or end up "religion crazed,"
With many things foolhardy & excessive,
Till filled up with status & gains, losing Nibbana.

The only place to learn religion is in the eyes & ears,
Whenever dukkha occurs at one sense or another.
Learn how to pull back the bridge, so
That Mara hasn't a chance to mess with you.

Learn directly right there in the suffering,
Looking with the right method & model
Intercept the concocting process of the troubled
mind, it can calm down & dukkha disappears.

Buddhadasa Bhikkhu


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