Friday, August 19, 2005

"There are many moments when you cry for your child, and that's exactly what happens with God. As a parent, you watch your child going wrong and there's not very much you can do to stop them. You have tried to teach them what is right, but now it s their life and they are mucking it up.

And all of us are God's chrildren.

I frequently say, I'm so glad I'm not God!
Can you imagine having to say 'Bin Laden is my child, Saddam Hussein is my child, George Bush is my child.' Oh! All of them, including me. Can you imagine what God must have felt watching the Holocaust? Watching the Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Watching Rwanda? Can you imagine God watching Darfur? Imagine God watching Irag and saying, 'there are my children here, and they are killing my other children, And I can't do anything because I have said to them, I give you the space to be you and that space enables you to make choices. And I can't stop you when you make the wrong choices. All I can do is sit here and cry.' And God cries until God sees beautiful people who care, even if they may not do earth-shattering things.

There is a fantastic story of a so called coloured woman who was driven from her home and ostracized by her family because she had HIV/AIDES. She came to live ina home for people who suffered from the disease, and there were white men there who would help her because she couldn't do anything herfelf. She was all skin and bones. They would carry her like a baby and wash her, bathe her, feed her. Then they woud put her in front of a television set and hold her. And this was during the apartheid years. I visited this home and said, "What an incredible lession in loving and compassion and caring."

It was transfiguring something ugly, letting something beautiful come from a death-making disease. When God sees that, a smile breaks forth on God's face and God smiles through the tears. It's like when the sun shines through the rain.
The world may never know about these little transfigurations, but these little acts of love are potent. They are moving our universe so that it will become the kind of place God wants it to be. And so, yes you wipe tears from God's eyes and God smiles."

Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Watch the entire interview online
When God smiles
- interview by Jessica Roemischer


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