Tuesday, August 16, 2005

There is a difference between spirituality and religion.

One aspect of spirituality is the belief that there's a level of reality that exceeds the limits of human existences that there's more to us and to life than we first perceive. Some people refer to the transcendent as Mystery or as the Other.

Spirituality involves the quest to be in relationship with this mystery.
Spirituality concerns the experience of striving for self-transcendence, to be in relationship with the other - a quality that goes beyond religion affiliation.

Spirituality is the whole life of a person lived in relationship with the Transcendent. A person's individual spirituality may or may not incorporate the rituals, practices, and beliefs of a particular religion group.

However, for billions of people throughout the world, institutionalised religion provides the setting in which personal spirituality is expressed and developed.

From framed info infront of the elevator @ Brock Farhni Hospital, Vancouver, BC


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