Wednesday, September 21, 2005

I tried googling "true understanding of emptiness"
and this is one of the website I found: Geshe Dakpa Topgyal on Sunyata

His explanation can be intellectually understood if we have background on quantum physics or string theory. But I am skeptical if this is it? He said I will clearly understand
"empitness" only through meditative experience.

The key words of empitess concept is "interdependence"?
"If things are interdependence, then things are empty."
I got it that it can't exist on their own. I see that "everything" is interdependent.
But I still don't understand "emptiness"
I see "impermanence", I see "interconnectedness", I see "interdependence", I see how we "concoct" things. But the only emptiness I can see right now is through quantum theory that
in the subatomic level, there's space....once we go deeper and deeper, there's nothing.
But is that the same thing we will see if we meditate long enough?

I am wondering if Teravad's VOIDNESS is the same thing?


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